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  1. Just arrived!  Some fantastic new garden products are now in stock to help attract more bird-life into our gardens.

    echoes terracotta garden bird bath:Heart of a garden

    Give the birds some bathing fun with the Echoes Terracotta Bird Bath


    urban bird feeder box with blue tit in garden:Heart of a garden

    Somewhere safe to feed!  The Urban Bird Feeder - allows small birds to sit inside.


    bempton garden bird table with robin:Heart of a garden

    The birds will love to feed from the Bempton bird feeder which can hang from a tree

    urban square bird nesting box for garden birds  urban diamond bird nesting box for garden birds
    The Urban Nest Box.  A perfect place for birds to nest in an urban environment.

     new england blue bird nest box for the garden  new england yellow bird nest box garden ornament
     The New England Nest Box - Gorgeous bird nest boxes reminiscent of New England beach huts!

    bee and bug biome insect house for the garden:Heart of a garden

    Attract lots of beneficial insects to the garden with this award winning Bee and Bug Biome.

  2. Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and romance is in the air! 

    Here at Heart of the Garden we live up to our name with plenty of garden 'heart' gifts and ornaments to give to the one you love. Unlike flowers and chocolates, these are gifts to keep and be reminded of your love for eachother forever whilst also adding a wonderful romantic aura to your garden.


    convent-hanging-heart-candle-holder monastery-hanging-heart-candle-holder


    Hangng_Heart_Bell  jewel-heart-tea-light-holder(1)        
    What could be more romantic than to give your loved one a garden 'heart'! 

  3. I thought I’d share with you some of the plants I’ve seen whilst walking and climbing in the Costa Blanca mountains recently.   With it being winter, I am always surprised at how many plants I come across which are in flower.  The best surprises have been found on rocky ridges or rock faces such as this pretty plant, Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia Maritima) which we saw on El Realets Ridge.

    lobularia maritima - el realets ridge costa blanca

    friars cowl (arisarum vulgare) 3

     The Friars Cowl (Arisarum Vulgare) is quite a common plant to the Mediterranean with shiny heart shaped leaves and striking flower head.   You can see why it gets its name!


    Spanish Broom (Spartium junceum).  Again, a fairly common plant in Costa Blanca but it’s unusual to see them in bloom at this time of year.  This one was at the top of the Toix ridge where we were climbing.

    arbetus_uneda_(strawberry_tree)    arbutus_unedo_(strawberry_tree)2

    Strawberry Tree (Arbetus Uneda)  This is one I saw last year, fruiting and flowering at the same time.

  4. We have now added two more models to our collection of beautiful and innovative wind sculptures - the Wisley and the Versaille.
    Wind sculptures have been our fastest selling products this year, and apart from the Hampton which is due back in stock in January, we have good stock levels of all models. 

    These popular items make great statement pieces for the garden and if you're looking for an unusual gift then look no further!   

    Wisley Wind Sculpture - £62

    Versaille Wind Sculpture - £90                                   

  5. Our Garden Clock and Thermometer was featured in yesterday's Daily Mail Weekend magazine!


    It was in the weekly gardening section 'Things to do this week' column, right next to Monty Don's article on carnivorous plants (well worth a read)!
    We've sold lots already and have more stock coming in this week to keep up with the demand. 

    A great idea if you're looking for a Christmas present for a gardener.