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  1. After several months of hard work Heart of a Garden has been launched!

    It has been so exciting this last week or so to receive the Garden Ornaments, Sculptures and Wall Art  that I will be selling, as although I had seen most of them at one of the trade fairs back in February I was eager to see them again for real.  It is so much easier to talk about something and describe it when it is actually in your hands!  I am not disappointed...they are all as good as I remember.  I have some favourites though such as the goose and gander metal bird sculptures which are beautifully designed in Britain and made from metal tags and twisted metal strips.  I also love the innovative Wind Spinners which I shall be photographing in the next day or so.  These beautiful garden ornaments come in several models all with dual movement 'sails' which are silent in motion and on a stake ready to place in the garden!   Then there are the beautiful, vibrant and colourful glass Weaver Nest T-Light Holders which are sold in pairs and are sure to bring the garden to life on a warm and balmy summer's evening!

        farmyard birds - goose & gander 2  weaver nest t light holders