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What are Rain Chains?

Copper rain chains are an attractive water feature and practical item for use in the garden consisting of a series of cups or chain links. They are designed to replace the down-pipe from the guttering with the water finishing its journey in a water butt, a ‘Splash Basin’ or simply soaking into the ground. These aesthetically pleasing hanging garden ornaments provide both a visual effect and a pleasant sound as water flows and trickles downwards. 

What is the history of Rain Chains?

They have been used in Japan for hundreds of years as a decorative water feature and also as a practical way of capturing rain water for use in the home by transporting water via a series of metal cups or chain links from the guttering to a storage area.  The Japanese word for them is Kusari-doi. 

About our Copper Rain Chains

They come with a down-pipe attachment which makes instalment easy. The copper will gradually weather over time and develop a lovely patina. 

With a copper rain chain in your garden you may find that you actually look forward to rainy days!

Why not give one as an unusual garden gift for birthday, wedding, Christmas or any other special occasion.